My Notes – Early Childhood Education Diploma

Hello Again!

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Haven’t log in for ages! Found out many comments in the approval waiting list dated back in March and until now. WOW!

Sorry all for not replying any sooner.

2011 is over soon… I’ve been enjoying my stay in Adelaide and half way through my study. Mind you, I’m currently not doing any study related to early childhood education. I’m kind of lost touch with the industry already. My last internship was more than a month ago!

Will try to answer the questions from what I know.

Cheers, Merry Christmas and Happy 2012.


Finally I’m Done!

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WOW! It’s been really a long long time not updating this blog. Finally I had completed my practicum in November 2010. Then my final semester also completed in December 2010. Now… Waiting for my final result.

I’m not so sure this blog will be update again as I will be moving on to another studies that I had just signed up to. It’s not related to early childhood. Earlier plan did not go as planned so I had to opt for other option. In April, I’ll be embarking into another territory that can be considered foreign to me, everything will be totally different.

I’m not sure where the direction of this blog is going to be. I might going to terminate it and redirect the URL to my primary blog. Really not sure yet.

However, one thing for sure it will still stay for now as I’ll be using this blog for some layout experimentation.

Happy new year to all! May you have a blessed year ahead!


Practicum Ending

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WOW! Time flies, practicum is ending this Friday! Hurray to that!!

I thought I would be blogging about it a lot in my main blog but apparently, only two posts about it. Reasons are that I’m too lazy, too busy and don’t-know-what-else.

The concert was yesterday and I didn’t know that they are taking a rest today. I went there this morning and was greeted with closed gate hahaha… Called up my friend and she told me they’re not working today. So funny.

Anyway, it was a great experience. However, to make it my career, I have to think twice because I personally hate routine as in go back and forth to work. I love my freedom and to be flexible. I want to be able to work at my own pace and whenever I like. Unless if really if I have to work just like anybody else, then I’ll consider this.


Final Semester is Here!

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I’m finishing this course this semester!! Finally, 2 and half years.

Exam was last week, no study break, no semester break. This semester we have two new lecturers. Wonder how’s their style of teaching are. Basically, almost all the seniors had finished their studies. Left only a few of them. I’m the only one in my final semester for Social Studies.

Submitted my assignment just now. Due date tomorrow. After all these years, this is my first time submitting my assignment on the day before the due date. Usually it’s a week or few days before. Life has been busy especially with the practicum. Everything cramp in one go, no break at all.

Once my practicum is over next month, I’ll be able to breath better and catch up with my works that I had delayed because of the practicum.


14th Semester Started, Practicum Started

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I’ve been abandoning this blog for quite a long long time don’t you think so? Too busy to update anything here even though I have softcopies of my notes which I can just copy paste it over here.

No semester break last semester. I’ve started my practicum on 13th September and it will end on 13th November. I’m posting some thoughts for my practicum in my personal blog instead of here but do not expect much details, it’s more about my ramblings rather than anything educational or personal learning.

You can check out my post here


13 Starting…

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OMG! I’ve been abandoning this blog for more than 2 months!!!

The 12th semester is over, 13th will start next month. Was so busy for the just ending semester. This coming new semester will be even worst because there’s no study break, no semester break and I’m taking 3 subjects! -.-” My practical will start in mid September and end in mid November.

CRAZY! No study break summore, I have my own work to do again. WOW! This coming semester is going to kill me very soon. Even previous semester with study break was quite bad, this coming one? I cannot imagine.

Hopefully I’ll survive by then… ;p


11 Ended, 12 Coming

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Time really flies! It was such hectic weeks, exam and assignment and with no exam break. Finally it’s over last weekend.

This Saturday, class will start and guess what?!?! There’s exam break for this semester but no semester, it’s a long one summore yet I’m taking one subject only because I’m exempted from Moral. However, for the others they are taking two so the exam break is fine for them but too long for me. How I wish the coming semesters will have such long study break as I’m sure I’ll be taking 2 subjects by then.

If not mistaken, I have 5-6 more subjects to go including practical.

My practical is confirmed. September to November, this will mean no more sleeping late or waking up late for two whole months. Kind of dreading it hahaha… You don’t get paid for practical, and it’s like doing free labour for 2 months! ARG! Hate that but what to do? It’s the requirement for you to graduate.


More Than One Month…

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Oppss… I just realized I haven’t touch this blog for ages!

Hehehe… It’s 1st June, Happy Gawai to those celebrating it.

I’ve been pretty busy these days that’s why I forgot all about updating this blog ;p.

I’ll try to update some notes later.

Exam will be in June, few more weeks to go. Assignment due less than 2 weeks from now.

Take care!


Cognitive Development

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Softcopy notes were given, I just copy paste the key points

Cognitive development includes the fields of thinking, reasoning, problem solving, logic, imagination, concentration, memory, concept formation, language-related learning abilities.

Theories of Cognitive Development

  • Jean Piaget – a Swiss Biologist (Cognitive Development)
    • Action = Knowledge
    • Knowledge is the product of direct motor behavior
    • Concept of Schema
      • Assimilation
      • Accommodation
      • Equilibration
    • Stages of Cognitive Development
      • Sensory-motor stage (0-2 years)
      • Preoperational stage (2-7 years)
      • Concrete operational stage (7-11 years)
      • Formal operational stage (11 and above)
  • Lev Vygotsky – a Russian Psychologist (Zone of Proximal Development aka ZPD)
    • Vygotsky’s term for the range of tasks that are too difficult for children to master alone but can be learnt with the guidance and assistance of more skilled adults and peers
  • Jerome Bruner – an American Educational Psychologist (Scaffolding)
    • A teaching technique in which a more skilled person adjusts the level of guidance to fit the child’s current performance level
    • Dialogue is an important aspect of scaffolding
    • Language plays a key role in cognition
    • Teaching Strategies
      • 1. Assess the child’s ZPD
      • 2. Use the child’s ZPD in teaching
      • 3. Use more skilled peers as teachers
      • 4. Monitor and encourage children’s use of private speech
      • 5. Play instruction in a meaningful context
      • 6. Transform the classroom with Vygotskian ideas
    • 3 different modes of learning
      - Enactive mode (action-based)
      - Iconic mode (image-based)
      - Symbolic mode (language-based)


Language Development Theories

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Softcopy notes were given, I just copy paste the key points

Theories 1. Behaviourist Theory
By Skinner (1957), language is learnt. Language is acquired by conditioning and reinforcement. Listening and responding to input is sufficient.

Theories 2: Nativism
Maintains that using a language requires a set of highly abstract, unconscious rules – a universal grammar that is innate and common to all languages. Argues that the cognitive abilities that support language development are highly specific to language.

Evidence for this position is provided by the universal and species-specific nature of language, and by observations of invented sign language among groups of deaf children that imposes grammatical structure onto simple signs. The approach is criticized for focusing almost exclusively on syntax and ignoring the communicative role of language